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Why Warframe is one of the greatest game of my generation

We all love games. No matter what age group in, we all love to play games. Games come in many formats, indoor, outdoor, video games, etc. Not all games are fun, some you dislike, some you have fond memories of, some you still play currently. One of the games that had a profound impact on my gaming life is "Warframe".

I don't play it any more, but I have lived through many years of its development from 2013. So I know how far the devs have come since the beginning.

The game did not have good gameplay, graphics, or mechanics in the beginning, but over the course of many years they have refined it again and again. Finally, they achieved the peak around the "Second dream quest".

Warframe has so many things going for it now, style, fashion frame, variety, combat, gameplay and most of all, the community. But it had none of it in the beginning.

But for me, none of these things were the highlight when I was playing it. It was the trading system. The trading system is so fucking good that I made money for the first time in my entire life by trading in Warframe. Even though you might think that it's a digital currency and doesn't have any value in real life. It still has value for us inside the game.

The currency in Warframe is called "Platinum" or "Plats" for short. There are 3 ways to obtain plats, first is buying directly from the website for your account, next is by trading, and last is through giveaways.

After playing the game for a long time, I really wanted to buy cosmetics, but I was not earning at that time, and I was still in college. So I thought trading was a good idea. I started farming items and started posting on trade chat and started selling. Soon, I made plenty of plats and got my first cosmetic item. I did not think of this much until recently that Warframe was the place where I earned my first "pay cheque" :P.

Not only that, it was a steady pay cheque. Because I found a way to make 40 plats per 1–2 days with 15 mins of grinding daily. Based on the current rate, 75 plats are 5 USD. 1 USD is 15 plats. I was making 2.68 USD per 30 mins. The minimum wage in the US is 7.25 USD1. So, basically, I was making close to minimum wage by just grinding in Warframe for 1 hr.

The way I made 40 plats is by selling syndicate mods, each mod is 20 plats and per 2 days I can farm 2 mods. These mods can only be obtained by grinding, and are not dependent on luck or drops. Similarly, I sold some prime weapon parts if it's a duplicate item. So when I add everything I made per week, I was actually earning well for the time I put in. Although it's a digital currency.

I have also traded some items in steam marketplace, but none were as consistent as Warframe. The whole economy is well-designed and rewards everyone who makes a conscious effort.

And this is why Warframe is amazing. The economy itself reflects real life markets. When the drop rate for parts change in the patch, the price drops, just like stock. When the weapon gets nerfed or buffed, the price changes accordingly. I know many players, including me, stock up on prime parts once the prime vault is unlocked because you only have a few weeks until the parts stop dropping.

Once it stops, you can sell these parts at a very high price. The rarity is what determines the price. Even today, after many years gap when I open my character, I have plenty of prime parts that might not be available today. I can easily sell this for plenty of plats.

Occasionally, I have sold very rare items for a cheap price accidentally, my friends make fun of me for that. But that's OK. Because everyone makes mistakes.

This is extremely rewarding for someone like me who like these sorts of mini-games. Like GWENT in Witcher 3. Come to think of it, even Warframe has mini-games like flappy bird and street fighter in it.

Warframe did not just make free2play games good again, it revolutionized it. And steam reviews back it up. Although you might say, "Oh, that already exists in this game before or that game before". Yes, I know. But when I played MMORPGs, Warframe was the best at it. No other game came close. Warframe is still the number one free2play game that exists in Co-op and PVE genre.

You can have a look at this2 website where we post listings for our items. Look how beautiful this system is.

Once a tenno, Always a tenno.

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