Raveen Kumar

Why Luke Smith is wrong about Veganism

Note that as I am writing this article, I am just doing my own research. I even had a spoon of honey as I write this article so that I don't trigger any parties. I am my own man, I don't believe that there is only one answer to the question of diet. But this is what I think.

Yesterday I was going through my favorite internet personality Luke Smith's blog and I saw this article. Right now, I am at a crossroads when my diet is concerned. So I am curious.

These are my thoughts on his blog post

Veganism forces one to abandon not just their own traditions, but every human dietary tradition.

Absolutely wrong. I come from a vegetarian family, and we have been eating a vegetarian diet for many generations. I am the first "Bugman" in my family and right now I am reverting to my origins except that I am quitting dairy and trying to become vegan. I am not abandoning my traditions by becoming vegan.

This is only true if you are from a heavy meat eating culture. And only Americans come under this category, as far as I know. And maybe some tribal cultures, I have read about them drinking goat's blood, etc. So I won't comment on that.

That is, Veganism is highly disruptive: You can't have a normal life. You can't have a normal meal.

Wrong. I am eating fine. I just quit dairy.

predigesting indigestible plant matter with a blender

Chewing properly solves this. You don't need a blender.

meat, exactly the food that has been viewed in all human cultures as superior and more desirable is somehow nutritionally deficient

Not true, You can combine ingredients to get better quality nutrition than meat, we just need to eat more variety of food.

Veganism is great at making people skinny because it is slow moving starvation

Just eat more grains and calorie rich foods.

When you're given for your acceptance some inane religious platitudes like "equality" and "rights" along with vaguely Marxist notions of "exploitation" and "slavery" and "oppressed classes," it seems perfectly reasonable to expand that language to the relationship between predators (humans) and their prey (many animals) (or maybe pets too).

This is the definition of predators in dictionary - "an animal that naturally preys on others". Unless you give the man a knife or a spear or a trap. He will not and cannot prey on animals. The keyword is "Naturally".

The Ctistae of ancient Thrace refused to eat anything alive, eating only by-products/foodstuffs like milk and honey. The Ctistae also refused to have sex, which might be something to consider since Vegans eventually lose sexual function anyway.


Years later, now we know that vegetable oils are highly unstable and have contributed to the massive rise in heart disease.

This is true.

Out where I live, people have their chickens wandering in their yards and garden pecking scraps. They return to their coops at night to be safe from coyotes. Is there really something "unethical" in the mind of a Vegan about picking up an unfertilized egg lain by one of these chickens and eating it?

This is fine. But is it necessary for your survival.

Literally think about the animals. When wild animals die in nature, they don't slowly slip away in the night surrounded by their family. They die of starvation, or by being ripped apart alive by packs of coyotes. Would you rather die by getting your brains blown out instantaneously or die a "natural" death like this?

This is a poor analogy. I am not even going to explain why.

And once a chicken has living a long life of egg laying, why not quickly and painlessly dislocate its neck and eat it for dinner? If you don't, your cat will eventually gore it and it'll be a mess.

Good point. I can't argue that.

Animals live to be eaten.

Let's all go to the slaughterhouse before we die and get chopped up into pieces, so some superior race can eat us then.

Animals live. end of statement.

Domesticated cows and pigs and chickens do not and cannot live as they exist in the wild.


They have evolved symbiotically with us as sources of food.

No, we bred them into existence.

Wild game like deer have lived alongside human hunters for centuries. Their breeding habits and evolutionary development is based in the fact that a sizeable portion of their population will be hunted by humans every season.

No. They live in their habitat and we in ours. Just another species.

If you actually care about "the environment" (1) you would care for humans, whose natural diet is meat and (2) you would be terribly worried about the unintended consequences of severing one of the most important links in the food chain.

Really? Put an apple in front of a 2-3 year old child and put a fawn or a rabbit. Let's see what the child eats when he is hungry.

Killing animals is actually a bad example of this because while all cultures are disgusted by feces and amputations, in most times and places (including this country before Bambi), killing animals was nothing any self-respecting grown man would react to.

Killing when necessary is ok. When we are starved of food and there is nothing to eat, yes you can prey on animals. Not when vegetables, fruits, grain, nuts are abundant as it is now.

Veganism is ultimately the diet of only eating inedible garnish that looks "good" on Instagram.

Come eat my moms sambar rice.

Raising most animals is easier and more efficient than raising vegetables. If it's too hot, potatoes don't naturally know to go move to the shade.

This is a stupid claim. I understand what he means, but.

Tomatoes can't pull a simple tractor.

You can have bull to do the work. Why eat them afterward? You would not eat your employee when you fire him.

But vegetables are just not real food... They are garnish.

The only thing that is food are plants and vegetables. Meat becomes food only when it's cooked.

There are people who make really absurd environmentalist arguments against meat as well, for example, methane from cows warms the globe. Okay. Fine. So what does Veganism do about that? Are Vegans going to kill the cows for us? Should we just let them starve in the woods since we can't harvest them for meat or even milk?

We eat them less and less with each generation until dairy and meat industry collapses and we stop eating meat eventually.

https://lukesmith.xyz/pix/vegan_protein.jpeg In order to get the protein in a single large bite of steak, you'll have to eat more than half a pound of broccoli.

That is just a bad example. Sorry you had to see that, Luke. What you need to eat is more variety. Not just broccoli. Firstly, why is broccoli the poster child for vegan diet. It must be variety. You must show at least 10-15 variety of food. Unlike meat, just one piece.

it's pretty easy to eat a big steak with 2000 calories (around a pound and a half of matter) and it will fill you up without any bloating or stomach pains

I can't even eat 150 grams of chicken without pooping in the next 1 hour. It depends on your digestive system. If you can digest meat, go eat it. If you can't then don't.

You'd have to eat twelve pounds more or less of broccoli or equivalent greens for that.

Where are the grains and nuts?

It's easy to eat a juicy steak without or without sauce, salt and pepper, but you'd nearly have to put a gun to someone's head to make them eat their daily 13 pounds of indigestible garnish.

A good cook can make anything taste good.

The Vegan game of saying, "we can get that too" is utterly pointless when you realize we have nowhere close to a full idea of how the human body works, only some plausible theories about the relationships between certain nutrients and what they seem to do.


As in the case of some nutrients, like the falsely-maligned cholesterol is a good example of something two generations of people were told to fear and reduce only for us to later realize that our ideas about how it interacted in the body were arguably literally backwards.

I don't understand what he means by this, I need source.

Now some words from my side

About 20-30% of what he says are true, but the remaining is absolutely wrong. You do need to eat animals to live. You can eat them when you absolutely don't have anything else to eat. That is not the case now. All plant foods are abundant now.

While coming back to home from gym, I thought about this.

Every single medicine can be derived from plants and no medicine can be derived from animals

I looked up some articles on animal based medicines, but they were not convincing.

If anyone can show me a good research or paper, that would be helpful. I could not find anything useful animal based medicines other than anti-venom.

They way I feel that we should think about food is this. As a human you are capable of eating fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts, and maybe leaves in that exact order. So you start walking and eat everything you feel is edible (raw) and take a note of it. If it upsets your stomach or cause indigestion or poisonous make a note of it. Now walk till you travel the entire earth in one direction and come back to the starting point. Now read your notebook and see what food felt ok and good. Next time you go around the world you do the same thing. Different people will travel different pathts what we need to teach humanity is, Eat what is good for you. Eliminate what isn't.

This is called Elimination Diet. Look it up here. That's how I found out about my food allergies and issues. I can't eat dairy, oil, coconut, red banana, and some types of yams. Some of my friends can't eat fish, but I can. It up to your judgement and intelligence to find out which is good for you.

And thats what is intelligence is all about. To find out what is good, "for you".

As a human population, we are omnivores, many herbivores and few carnivores.

There is also a new diet called "Carnivore" diet that seem to cure some health issues. If it is good for you, go for it. You should see this Mikhaila Peterson's video where she cured her illness with carnivore diet. She is an inspiration to me, and she is right on many things. Although I follow her principles of elimination I don't eat carnivore diet because it is not suitable for me. Vegan diet, Omnivore diet without dairy works well for me.

Finally, this is what I think about the whole thing,

Default man, he can eat fruits and vegetables. Man with a pot, he can cook and eat grains. Man with a blade, he can kill, cook and eat animals. Man without morals, he can also eat other man.

And on a side note, my all-time favorite anime is Dragon Ball Z and look what the author named the main character's name with. VEGETABLES.

I wonder if people in the world of Pokémon are all vegans. Otherwise, it would be weird, lol. Some related videos. 1, 2, 3.

So finally, what we can all agree on is this.

Don't waste your food.