Raveen Kumar

What I learnt in my 20s, A reterospective

Learn to touch type

This is an underrated skill which I only learnt one year ago. There is a huge improvement in bringing my thoughts into the computer, if I just did not look at the keyboard often. It's easier said than done. But well worth it. I use the colemak keyboard layout.

No solution is perfect

Whatever works, works. Let it be.

Don’t over engineer or over program

There is a philosophy called KISS. Basically means “Keep it simple stupid.”

Write down notes and docs

You will need it for the future. Handwritten notes are good too.

Pomodoro Technique is total nonsense

Work till you are tired. But move around often.

Get a physical timer


Don't track your time but set a timer and move around often when time is up.


An alternative to regex match. Pretty cool and useful concept.



Use this site. Read some code.


Never try to setup your own server for email or website

It's a total waste of time. Maintenance is a hassle.

Purchase a cheap domain and set up your mail and website with google workspace.

Follow programming blogs


Use this date format, or follow ISO 8601 date format.


More Blood flows into your brain, the better your work.

Use AI/ChatGPT when you can but don't depend on it

Read the help manual, Don't google all the time.

Cryptocurrency is total scam

But hey, the tech is interesting.

Rules for coding effectively

I am an intermediate programmer and I have been programming for about 6 years. My time writing code taught me this.

Avoid coding at all costs and only write code when we cannot solve the problem by any other means.

Use terminal as much as you can

More you work inside your terminal. The better your work will be. (Programming wise) TMUX+VIM or Emacs will take you places you have never been before.

You need to have a website

Turn off youtube watch history

It's a rabbit hole. Same goes for reddit, other social media apps.

Cut your nails

Definitely improves your typing speed and finger strain.

Develop fundamental skills

Athletes and musicians pursue virtuosity in fundamental skills much more rigorously than knowledge workers do


Don't shoot yourself in the foot


Talk to people

Usually most problems at work are solved by just talking more and clearly. Describing the problem properly takes care of the solution by itself. And chit-chat often. I need to do more of this myself 🙂

Review your code every year

365 days is a good number of days where your mind would have changed significantly. Maybe you could think of a better way to solve it.

E-Mail People

Have a question? E-Mail people. Most people at work and tech bloggers will definitely respond.

You need a business card

Neat. Only a little information. Carry 5 with you always.

Join programming Discord servers and chat with more people

Most people are friendly. So far my experience has been good. Less toxic than Stack Overflow. You can always leave the server and join a better one or create one yourself.

Contribute and donate to open source

Report bugs. If I can do it, you can too.

Have a hobby

Sleep well

Eat well

Walk well

Go to office

Live and Work well

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