Raveen Kumar

Turn right to go left

I am pretty sure, you might have heard this. It's a quote from the famous "cars" movie.

I was driving my bike and thought of this when I had to make a tight turn. I had to go wide first, so that I can turn into the narrow corner. Although it is not the same as the one from the quote but it's similar. It's called as the racing line. It's where we make the best possible approach to turn the corner.

Racing Line

Here if to take the tight line, you will loose speed and traction plus you can't actually make the turn if it's too narrow. With the wide line you won't loose speed but you will loose traction and time. The best approach for any turn is to turn with the racing line. Although I know this for a long time since I have played so many racing games, rarely do I apply this in real life. But I did few days ago.

Driving is universal. Every single person in the earth knows it (Will other than tribal people). Not everyone drives but they do understand the concept.

"Turn right to go left" is a great analogy for life. Sometimes you have to do something widely different when you are stuck without any progress. Many of us forget this including me.

I write this post so I will remember this. For the future me.

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