Raveen Kumar

Time tracking and pomodoro is a waste of time

Time tracking and pomodoro technique is an immemorial technique to improve your productivity. When you google about productivity related topics, these 2 will always be on top of the search results. But does it really work?

Absolutely not.

Here is why…

Firstly, the idea is that we take a 5 mins break per 25 mins focus sessions. Although this is sound and totally acceptable since your brain or body will be tired after a period of stress, there are many shortcomings. The main issue with this is it will always break your flow. When you are absorbed in a task, you don't focus on time until you reach a certain point. 25 mins or any amount of time is never enough to reach that point. It hugely varies. Next is, you are adding one more step in your workflow, employing time tracking or pomodoro. Now instead of working, you are wasting your time tracking your time, if that makes sense.

Other than pomodoro, there are other apps which clock in and clock out the amount of time you spent doing work. Even this is bad, back in the day it was used in manufacturing plants to punch in and out for the employees so that the manager knows how long they worked. Does time spent really the measure of productivity? Again, the answer is no.

It's about efficiency. The fewer obstacles between you and the task you try to complete is better than, any productivity system.

All these systems are good during the initial phase of starting a new task, but over the course you have to make your own system to finish the task.

What works is what works, and you have to figure that out yourself. This is easy if you are a bit more mindful.

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