Raveen Kumar

Thoughts of Apple Ecosystem

It's good.

I own iPhone, 2 MacBook Air (One for personal and one for work), iPad. I also bought iPhone for both of my parents.

Back in the day, android was all the hype since it's more affordable, and it did do the job of being a smartphone. But as time passed, the phone manufactures kind of messed up the whole market. I was in the market for a new phone and a laptop, and for the price I was looking for there were so many options and I could not choose. And the reviews did not help.

I saw some of my friends using iPhone and thought maybe it's time to change, and it was a perfect decision. There is something about the ecosystem that makes my day-to-day life easy. And the iCloud is good. The best part of it is the hide my mail feature and private relay. Now I have unlimited emails and don't have to worry about spammers and also a VPN. The more I use, the more I feel comfortable, whereas my previous setup was like a Frankenstein monster.

Also, there is something about the Unix based system that I really enjoy. Programming wise, macOS is so much better than windows. I wrote the first iteration of my previous website using Emacs and my MacBook. Oh wait, did I not mention that macOS has Emacs keybindings enabled globally? That's so damn convenient. Even though I am a vim user I did use Emacs for 1 year and see what it is all about, and I got used to the keybindings.

The ease of use is so much better than windows. I mainly used Windows pc for gaming, and now I sold my gaming pc too, and I am totally invested in Apple ecosystem. The laptop and typing feels amazing. Everything is just smooth.

The only problem I have is the price and how it locks the user down into its ecosystem, but I get it. To create a good user experience, some things are needed.

I really wise some company takes Linux and make it actually usable as a daily driver. Looking towards you, “Valve”.

And I do have a steam deck. It's been ok. Not bad.