Raveen Kumar

Text messages and the rise of Discord

Back in the day, we used to be awed by this new technology called SMS and text messaging. I vividly remember sending messages to groups of my friends, and we responded back. Although it was very limited, we sent a few meaningful messages for some time. Each text message costs about 1–3 rupees and can only send limited characters. The amount of spam was less and there were less forwarded messages. The same goes for phone calls. We did not abuse it since it was costly.

As time went by, everything became cheaper and so did the quality of messages. No one really sends meaningful messages anymore. It is not even one paragraph. Everything is a forward of a forward, or just pictures and media.

Generally, the more valuable something is, people tend to abuse it less.

The same goes for emails. There were few but meaningful emails, but now ill be lucky if someone sends a meaningful email. Barely one of one thousand mails are actually worth reading.

Even all these social media and messenger apps like WhatsApp, Discord, Telegram, Instagram, messenger, feels like a remix of a remix. Although WhatsApp and Discord have significantly helped me get in touch with my family and friends respectively and chat a lot, did it really help with my life? I feel that it is more gossip than actual conversations.

I think there should be a different medium where we can just have good and meaningful conversations without distractions and attractive content. Certainly, these social media and messenger apps are not the way to go. I like internet forums. Reddit has been good, but it is going down the drain like all other internet hot garbage due to investors and woke society.

Some of the good discussion forums I participated in are,

I have forgotten many of these discussion sites over the years in the favor of Reddit. Now planning to go back to it.

Most of these internet discussion communities are moving to discord is because of the desktop client. Discord has almost everything regarding having a constructive discussion. I have spent more time chatting in discord than another app. But discord is not open source and it becoming more and more “social media like” app again. And there are also some weird, creepy communities which can be found if you are adventurous. I don't recommend it. And discord is also proprietary and has many Chinese investors on board, like Tencent.

This is what I see in the future thriving, one is a discussion platform with communities surrounding a topic, one platform for family conversations, one platform for work and an alternative to Reddit as a public forum (and some for piracy and illegal stuff). We can see all this happen with, Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram, and MS Teams. And they are also focusing on improving its respective features. Discourse is a becoming a good forum platform too.

Soon, I think people will move to discord or discord like platforms and leave social media overall. Just like what stack exchange, Reddit, discord did, I.e. “Providing a good platform”, the content landscape will change in the future.

AI can do remixes already, so that will hopefully be gone. As usual, there will be social media sites filled with remixed media with nothing original. Then again, there will still be low-quality content that we can do nothing about.

Twitter has been the poster child for free speech related conversations recently. That is, if you are on Twitter and reading top news. I have been on threads for a while, too. It is all the same, in a different skin. They have their agenda.

Free speech does not mean "Truthful Speech, or Trusted Speech". Because the number of followers matter. This is why Elon Musk can get away with saying “Zuck is a cuck” and Mark Zuckerberg can get away with stealing people's privacy. Both truth and trust are dead. And most of all, there is no honor in the individuals who run these websites.

Honour is dead.

But Discord has single-handedly brought back given a platform for free speech from previously being a gaming voice chat platform. But How long will it last, until it succumbs to the politics of the investors and woke community?

The only correct way is to bring the free and open-source platform to the masses and enable even a 5-year-old child to use it.

Then again, if we were provided the proper tools, will that enable us to have meaningful conversations, "in text format"?

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