Raveen Kumar

Social Media has sucked me back in again

I recently visited my family back in my hometown and loved interacting with them and a few other neighbours and friends from there. Over the course of a month, a lot has happened. A lot.

For whatever reason, when I was back home, I wanted to get back into social media to get in touch with them. One thing led to another, and now I am back on all major social media platforms.

You name it. I also started posting frequently over there again. The likes, the reactions, the follows and follow backs, friend requests and whatnot. It sucked me in.

I started to watch tech videos again, contemplating on buying a new android phone to replace my iPhone. The last few days had all been about comparison videos of iPhone and android flagships.

This is how it starts.

The endless, mind-numbing and dreadful scrolling.

Last time I deleted my social media accounts. But that did not help. I am back again. So what will help?

Just ignore it. Uninstall the apps and let it be. Do not touch it. Do not give your attention to it.

Time to go back to doing what I like to do the most. Writing and reading.

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