Raveen Kumar

New Blog, New me

So been trying out a variety of things, past year on trying to find a way to properly blog. I have wasted so much time trying out new things instead of actually sitting and writing. In this age of internet, it is difficult to get one's thoughts across as an essay or letter. Everything is just pic here, short clip there, quotes, one-liner microblog posts etc. Feels like we are completely starved of long form communication. There are many times I felt amazed by reading a well written letter or book, and the same kind of feeling is not achieved with the current social media.

In the past 2 years, I have written my own website, re-written my website, tried blogging platforms, learned to host my own website, paid a lot of money for VPS service providers. Most of this effort is a total waste of time, and it never helped me to write what I think and feel.

Let's try again, shall we. This blog site seems to be at a perfect place for me. Minimalistic yet functional.

New Blog, New me.