Raveen Kumar

KGF Movie review

I don't usually watch these kinds of over the top movies. But KGF is weird and different.

KGF chapter 1: 8/10

KGF chapter 2: 7/10

First, the music score is one of the best I have heard in a long time.

The story itself is poor and makes no sense.

But wait, we are not here for the story. We are here for the action. "Action" is what the movie is all about. Every single cut; Every scene is simple over the top dialogues and action.

The more you watch it, the more you convince yourself. Because there is no way something like this can happen. That's the fantasy, anyway. That is what some movies are all about. Throw away logic and common sense and let the imaginations flow. That is the kind of movie this is.

The casting is great. The main character's motivation is simple. This is not a movie for everyone. As a 10-year-old, I would have loved this movie. Since I got old, it's difficult to enjoy this movie since it conflicts with reality to an insane degree.

Hey, then again, how is this different from a super-hero movie? It is basically the same.

This is a Super-Villain Movie.

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