Raveen Kumar

How to sell your shit and unbecome

Every single thing I bought and every single thing I own is not necessary any more. What now?

I wanted to buy and own all the cool shit. Latest mobiles, I had it. Gaming PC, I had it. Shitload of gadgets. All gaming consoles (Except PS5). Productivity, Educational and Self-Help books. Shitload of miscellaneous items. Fitness items. and so on and so forth. You get the idea. I own a lot of shit, and so do my parents.

Even as I write this, it is unbelievable how much I bought and how much of it added value to my life. Most were for entertainment and some for productivity, and others were shit that I bought just to do shit I don't like to do. How much of this hoarding was actually necessary? Firstly, why did I buy it? What possible piece of my brain cell thought it was a good idea to waste money on things that I did not value?

How did this happen?

I have no fucking clue.

So I decided to sell all my shit and unbecome. There is a saying that, "We are what we eat" and "We are who we surround yourself with", and I don't know if there is a quote for it but what I think is also true is "We are what we own". You can also extend this to "We are what we use" too. But it falls apart when we analyse the ownership and usability of that item.

You can own gold, but you can't use it. (Unless for industrial purpose) So what value does it provide except for taking up space in our locker. Absolutely nothing unless it is liquidated. And that's why we have banks and other establishments to reduce our burden.

Hell, I have about ~100 pens and pencils scattered all over my home, and how much of it I actually use? Only 1 or 2. So what about the 98? Do you see the problem here? How do I liquidate it? Only 3 ways, trash it, sell it or give it away. But who the hell is going to buy an assorted list of pens? And who wants it? No one.

Do you see the issue here? If I just had patience and remembered where my pens were and did not spontaneously buy a bunch of shit that I don't need, I would have saved a lot of money. If I just was a bit mindful, I could have avoided this.

Now that time has passed. I have hoarded a lot of shit like this. My fucking steam library is full of shit. 90% of the games that I ever owned are just shit, and I don't even play or like it any more. (Not you Skyrim.) It never added value. All those books for what? I admit that some of those games were life changing and some books were enlightening. But what about the rest? Keep them for nostalgia? Fuck no.

Every single second feels like hell when I finally realize that I collected so much junk. For that 10% improvement in my life, I wasted 90% of my resources.

Now I need to get rid of that shit. There are a few ways. This is my current plan and this is what I have been doing.

Firstly, the best way to identify the things I don't need is to think of my past use and my current use. Never think of the future. Maybe short term but never long-term use. If I keep my stuff for short term, then it must be a backup. Keep the stuff that I currently use, but be mindful.

  1. Create a remainder 2 times a day to remind me to eliminate things that I don't need and keep it separate. When I find time, do the following.
  2. If it's paper, bill or document, digitize it and shred it.
  3. Try to find ways to sell what I don't use.
  4. If electronics and physical items, sell it or giveaway.
  5. Any online subscription and news sites → convert it to RSS feeds.
  6. Move every important document and photos into the cloud.
  7. Own nothing locally. Move everything to the cloud. Only keep git repos locally and temporary files and currently used applications.
  8. Next is clothes, I am planning to start wearing a uniform. Just like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. I'm not sure about the colours. Maybe White and Black or Blue. Need to think more about this.

These are some of the websites that helping me achieve my goals. I don't know about other countries. In India, OLX.in is pretty good, but listing is pretty costly and next comes Facebook marketplace. There are problems with both of them, but mainly Facebook marketplace, where the buyers are very shady. Even though I know a bit of martial arts and defend myself and I always prefer to meet in public. For computers and monitors, I had them come to my home, so they can check. Luckily, until now, everything is smooth.

The biggest issue is, I had to vet every single buyer by talking to them over the phone. And most lowball my listing or back out of the deal at the last moment. It has been difficult to find good buyers. But things are moving, and slowly and steadily. I am getting back about 30-40% of the money back, and for items less than 1 year I am getting about 55% to 65%.

The more I get rid of my shit, the more I feed calm and better.

This is not a post about minimalism, but also kind of is. Minimalism is a basic understand and idea that we should be mindful of what we buy and use. But what I need is a very aggressive elimination of shit. I have to change what I believe in. Eliminate things that suck time and life force from me.

The way I try to think now is, If I consume or get something (free or paid or pirated), I need to think of how much of me am I really giving up? If I see a film, I give up ~2:30 hrs. If I watch a YouTube video I give up ~20 mins (That's modest, I am pretty sure YouTube has my mind all wrapped up with its algorithm). If browse social media, how much of me am I loosing. If I buy an object, what is the long-term use? How much space will it take? If I want to add something to my life, I need to think of ways to replicate it with things that I already have.

There must be a balance of how much did I gain vs. how much did they take from me. I think about 90% to 10% is reasonable. You can't be a total saint.

It's OK to be influenced sometimes but never all the time.

Never will I fall for attention grabby shit

I will put the details on my spreadsheet about how much money I got back and update as I continue to do this. Click here to check my spreadsheet.