Raveen Kumar

Gaining weight is really hard

I have been working out for around 1.5 years, and it has been many ups and downs. I have been fighting my chronic illness for a long time. Whenever my training and diet goes good, randomly I get sick and all the progress I made goes down the drain. I also lose a lot of weight when I get sick, so it has been hard to gain it back.

I am around ~74 kg (Morning on empty stomach: 73.2 and at night 74) now, 3 months ago, I was too low, about 68-69. I have been stuck at ~74 kg for a long time. How much ever I eat, it gets consumed when I train. I am thinking to quit my vegan diet and starting eating eggs, chicken and fish. But the problem is preparing it much more difficult than vegan diet. I am not certain how to go forward.

Nutrition wise, on my current diet, I am getting adequate calories and protein. But I think I need at least 50% more, to increase weight at a steady pace. However, I always had difficulty digesting non-veg foods.

My target weight is 77 to 78 kg.

I think I will wait and see, I might get better ideas in the next week or so.

Today is a rest day, so nothing much to do, apart from contemplate on my life. lol.

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