Raveen Kumar

For the people who made me realize who I am

You talk as much as I walk,

I don’t see you but I still hear you,

I came here not to stay, but I did anyway,

You recharged my battery, when it was low,

No one needs to know,

And it’s all right.

Sleep tight. 😴

I have been burnt before,

This is nothing new,

From ashes; rebirth,

Like a phoenix.

Me today.

I wrote this in a car,

Not too far,

I was not bored,

my energy restored.

She told that she likes silver,

And I believe her.

So here take this.

Now Class dismiss

Thes are some things I can’t control,

So I take a stroll.

Everything is for the good.

I know that now.

I fixed my body,

And now my mind,

I heal; that’s why I feel.

Look at the time.

Time to sleep.

I don’t fear you;

Only when I am near you.

I write this not for you,

But for me.

Seconds became hours,

This world of ours,

What will I make of it,

I sit; in this spot,

I fought; again and again;

The thought still remains;

Few words; that’s all I need,

From you.


My life did not move for 10 years;

Not because of my fears;

But because I was waiting for you.

This I wrote and said, but I was too fast,

I knew deep down it wouldn’t last,

Cast away my insecurities,

That’s what I did;

That’s all I did.

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