Raveen Kumar

Death of my friend/s

**Do I consider him a friend? I am not sure. Once upon a time I did.** We were classmates. We played. Laughed. As time passed we drifted apart just like any other person I met. This is life.

But I was sad to hear that he has passed away due to some unknown illness. I was surprised and shocked. A little bit sad. But 10 years ago I would have been devastated.

As time passes I think I should get ready to hear these kind of news often. After all, I will also perish one day. When that might be? Only god knows.

For now I started to create a contacts list called **R.I.P** and moved contacts of people who passed away. The number of members is already 6 now.

I just wanted to record my thoughts here just in case. I can look back at this and see at which mental state I was in today when I heard this sad news.

**Life has different plans for us.** No matter what we do, it will always be according to a predetermined fate. For now only thing we can control is today and now, and our health(Even that is just too hard). Only thing I can do now is do my best and leave the rest to the infinite cosmos.

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