Raveen Kumar

Created a portfolio page using Google sites


For whatever reason, I just wanted to create a website with .com domain. Maybe I'll switch to .com domain after a while.

Plus, Google sites are pretty good. Not as good as bear, but for a basic showcase, it's pretty good. I will still write posts here.

Also learnt how to set up custom email and domain using Google Workspace. Took 2 days, but I am satisfied with the result.

Now I have a custom mail ID.


I have created a website using google sites, to see how it is. I already have a website but writing posts and managing it has been difficult. Within 2 days I was able to setup 2 websites using google sites with domains purchased from namecheap.com.

Although the customisations is less. Creating the sites and adding content is much faster. Maybe I will try this out. :)

Actually, much easier than setting up my server. Plus, we get the Google goodies.

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